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Visualizing the Growing Complexity of Medicare

Greg1084 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 7:11 AM
The whole idea here is to try and make it so complicated that old folks will give up on trying to get their benefits. It's a way of saving money on disbursements, while at the same time providing work for social workers to help with the paper work, thus providing an excuse to expand government even further. The only way to stop this madness is to eliminate medical licensing.
Daddio7 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 12:21 PM
How much, or little, do you want the government involved in healthcare. Zero, any one can practice medicine, buyer beware. You could use the auto repair model, if you don't have collision insurance and can't afford the repair cost they junk you and send your body to the scrap (grave) yard. Or we could have full socialized medicine. Triage nurses examine you and send you to the appropriate treatment center, or give you a bottle of pills and send you home. What we are going to get is whatever keeps the most legislators in Washington.
Greg1084 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 5:55 PM
Eliminating licensing takes away the government's ability to recognize any practice of medicine that does not involve a criminal act.

How many pages does it take to explain the basics of the U.S. Medicare program?

If you answered "a lot more than it used to", you're right! Each year, legal publisher CCH puts out a book simply titled Medicare Explained, which they describe as follows:

A book for Medicare beneficiaries and others who need a relatively thorough explanation of the Medicare program with particular emphasis on...

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