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The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine

greenback Wrote: May 10, 2013 10:14 PM
I have a question that is Off Topic. Are you a Real Estate Appraiser? I am asking, because your name implies it. Just curious, is all. And, if you are an Appraiser, what would this immigration reform do to the market, in your opinion? For the record, I am a Real Estate Appraiser. And, do you think they have put in much thought regarding the effects it may have on Real Estate, as well as, would this immigration reform cover up anything members of Congress would like to over up regarding Real Estate? People like to talk of cover ups, but no one really likes to talk about the cover ups in Reaal Estate, including right wing media and, even the greatest people and decent people in this country.
AppraisHer Wrote: May 11, 2013 7:30 PM
I am an appraiser in central NJ, covering 5 counties. In most large cities that I cover, the demographics have changed from eastern European and Italian to Colombian and Ecuadorian. Single family row homes are now boarding houses, "comfort houses" and illegal "nightclubs". Bodegas are on every corner along with broken bottles, garbage and urine. Home values went from $100,000+ down to $20,000-$40,000. People are trapped due to high crime and can't sell. Illegals earn money they send home but don't contribute to the city economy, so police departments are overwhelmed, as are the clinics and hospitals and cities are going broke. I already know what illegal immigration is doing to cities, neighborhoods and values and the "amnesty" hasn't even started. So unless you can afford to move to the Burbs, your home will have no value, your family won't be safe, schools, hospital and clinics will be overwhelmed and you better learn Spanish, because they have no intention of learning English.
Roy-WV Wrote: May 11, 2013 12:56 AM
greeback-thx for response-I'm thinking that I may need to talk to TH about the whole thing. on the "bad=list" for a time which may have some significance. THX AGAIN
greenback Wrote: May 11, 2013 12:26 AM
I do not fully understand; because, I have probably posted four or five times in all in the comment section here on TH. I have never had any problems, but I found out in order to read each and every comment in a single thread, such as this one, a member must be signed in to simply read the additional comments. I am not a technician, and I am just a common member that likes to read articles and, comments sometimes. Too many Liberals lurking to comment often; all they have time for is attacking people, trying to force people to think like them and obviously being creepy by following others like a rapist would their prey (sort of like the IRS is doing at Obama's command). I am sorry that I cannot be of any help. Keep trying to figure it out, you'll get the right answer sooner or later.
Roy-WV Wrote: May 10, 2013 11:58 PM
greenback-speaking of "questions" I have one for anyone willing to speak to me. Since the "New format" I've been unable to access my "comments" to allow me to answer a query. TH tells me "Page unavail."