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Is Mitt Being Neoconned Into War?

greenback Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 11:04 PM
We do have a difference in opinion. I must respect your right, as an individual to defend your Freedoms. I respect your right to defend yourself at all costs if it means your Right/Freedoms, will be lost and/or taken away. I prefer, you, as an American (I presume you are), to protect your Right/Freedoms - at all costs necessary - to assure you will always have them. We may have a difference of opinion, but If I am able to, if your Freedom was in danger, I may feel compelled to back you up. I may have a moral, Constitutional duty as an American Citizen to do so; I may be proud acting in such a manner; I believe I would feel proud to back you up when your Freedoms are in peril. If you do not want my help, fine (I respect that).

Has Mitt Romney given Israel a blank check for war?

So it seemed from the declaration in Jerusalem by his adviser Dan Senor, who all but flashed Israel a green light for war, signaling the Israelis that, if you go, Mitt's got your back:

"If Israel has to take action on its own in order to stop Iran from developing that capability, the governor would respect that decision."

"No option would be excluded. Gov. Romney recognizes Israel's right to defend itself and that it is right for America to stand with it."

What does "stand with"...