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How is insurance the root of the problem? People do have control over their medical dollars by buying insurance. What exactly is your point?
And you would prove how stupid you are. Feel free, you already have other times.
Thats just BS. Guns are used for hunting, target shooting, Olympic sports and self defense. Go to h.e.l.l.
If you are dealing with gang members, what makes you think you arent already a gang member, and as such, why would they off another member or a friend? Your post makes no sense unless they think you are a cop.
Key words there troll.... pray on their own free time. Proof positive you dont have an education or a brain
Violent entertainment is not the problem. We heard this BS back in the 80's with "violent" music with Ozzy and Judas Priest. I grew up on video games since the Atari 2600 in the 70's, and havent stopped since, and I own guns, and have never had to urge or even thought of going to shoot up a school, or anyone. Violent movies and plays have been around since the dawn of civilization.
One of the things I keep hearing since the shooting is that we need to provide extra security in these schools and maybe pay for armed guards since we spend "millions and billions" on other useless things. My question is this.... WTF do we pay cops to do now?? If not to protect citizens (and obviously children), then what? Why should we pay extra for what we already pay for? Here's a thought, get the useless donut eating cops off traffic duty and to stop being glorified meter maids....and have a cop car with 2 uniformed officers parked in the parking lot. Simple and effective solution.
He wouldve been like Soros and helped load people up, and then profited off their personal possessions.
Bear spray or any other spray is useless against a gun.
Mayor Bloomberg is a special kind of stupid.
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