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The Right to Self-Defense

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:32 AM
I will guess John that you are an agnostic. However, the answer is more along the lines of, "Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?" God allows the "bad" to strengthen or "temper" the good. Mankind has free-choice in the matter. God allows everyone to decide how they want to play their life. But as for me and my family we will follow God (through Jesus Christ our Lord).

In all the noise caused by the Obama administration's direct assault on the right of every person to keep and bear arms, the essence of the issue has been drowned out. The president and his big-government colleagues want you to believe that only the government can keep you free and safe, so to them, the essence of this debate is about obedience to law.

To those who have killed innocents among us, obedience to law is the last of their thoughts. And to those who believe that the Constitution means what it says, the essence of this debate is not about the...