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Sandy Hook Father: My Child Is Safer at Home Where I am Armed

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 9:23 AM
Bear Trax, Here in Mississippi we are doing what you advise; i.e., arming the teachers and administrators. In my wife's school system fully 1/2 of the teachers have taken or about to take the "Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit Course". After meeting some of these teachers (some with Glock .40 caliber handguns), I for one would be very afraid of trying to shoot anyone in these schools. The teachers either have a "Mama Grizzly Bear" attitude or a "p*ssed off PMS" attitude.

During a recent gun violence prevention public hearing in Hartford, Connecticut, Bill Stevens, a father of a Sandy Hook student who survived the massacre that took place in December, testified. Stevens explained why his daughter is safer at home than she is at school because "911" and "lockdown" are not enough to protect her from an evil person. Stevens also defended the right to bear arms which is not only written in the Second Amendment, but in the Connecticut constitution as well. He argued gun owners shouldn't be turned into suspects no matter how many firearms or rounds of ammunition...