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Glamour Magazine Editor Says Woman's Desire for Self Defense "Strange"

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:17 AM
Agreed Buck. However, many women cannot control a .45 ACP in any semi-auto. Perhaps these women should look at many of the .38 Special loads (JHP, etc.) specifically designed to be "man-stoppers". I have not been able to confirm this, but I suspect that the Georgia mother was either using wad-cutters or standard full-metal jacketed ammo.
deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 12:08 PM
I'd say she was highly motivated, and maybe better trained than quite a few posters have suggested (not you necessarily, but many I've seen on another article about this on TH awhile back). If she hit the guy five times and terminated his attack I'd say her marksmanship was adequate. And if I remember right the guy did get hit in the face and neck.

My wife doesn't get to the range much but she likes her auto better than the revolvers I had her try. But for women who want a revolver, Smith & Wesson makes a Ladysmith, designed for women, in .38 and .357 both.
JB12345 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 11:49 AM
The details are important here. Given that most mothers don't have time to go to the range frequently, her training will limit her to a revolver (what are the immediate actions for a jammed revolver?). Bear in mind that she also has to handle scared children, a phone, and a weapon at the same time. I agree with you that she should step up to a Barnes bullet, since a wheel-gun will feed anything, or she should step up to a .357magnum. However, we can never get away from the fact that training and motivation defeats fear anytime.
deprogramming services Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 9:32 AM
Given the places said to be hit by bullets I also assume that self defense ammo was not what she had in her revolver, and I would recommend that she use that from now on. But she did stop the attacker in any case, so she did a very good job, since people tend to not shoot very well under stress.

I have a feeling that by now she might have upgraded to a semi-auto. I'd think most women should be able to learn to use a 9mm or .40 cal. On another site a few posters recommended a 12 gauge, which would have worked exceptionally well (saving the taxpayers money) but might have been impractical in her situation (I say that because I don't know so many details about it).

Late last night, Independent Women's Forum [IWF] Senior Fellow Anna Rittgets released the following statement about how banning high capacity ammunition magazines leaves women and their families more vulnerable:

 I am passionate about the 2nd Amendment, particularly because I'm a mother.  I'm a thirty-something year old woman with a 3 year old and a nursing newborn.  Without my concealed weapon,  I wouldn't be able to protect myself against an assailant that seeks to do me or my family harm.  

Five bullets fired from a .38 revolver weren't enough for a Georgia mother of...