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A 'Titanic' Obsession

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 5:05 PM
It is well to remember, professionals built the Titanic while amateurs built the Ark.

What remains to be said concerning Royal Mail Ship Titanic and her icy end, just 100 years ago? What hasn't been thought, said or filmed already? Why, then, the ongoing fascination with Titanic -- as alive at our own end of the catastrophe's century mark as at the start of it, which was April 14-15, 1912? You could say memories of Titanic haunt us -- as maybe they should.

My father, not quite 4 years old in 1912, remembered half a century later the hubbub in a small Texas town that followed receipt of the unthinkable news. The fascination persisted. Noel...