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But hopefully not after November 2014.
I am afraid that I want more than the Democrat Party being held responsible for Obama's lies, scandals, and violations of laws. I want Obama also held responsible.
I hope the young people have enough interest to look up the real Leonidas and find out. He was a lot tougher and smarter than shown in the movie "300".
In April 1775, Rep. DeLeo would have been marching with the British to Lexington and Concord.
DoctorX, You need to lower your outrage (and probably your blood pressure). Reading your cr*p is like eating one of the First Wookie's approved school meals. It sucks big time. And most of the students feel the same way about these meals. They are tossed in the garbage, The same way Liberals like yourself are soon to tossed into the trash can of history
The problem Mr. Greenberg is not in our "vernacular" but in ourselves, That we give any credit or credibility to these "language police" is, in and of itself, a travesty.
Give me a break! Are the Democrats/Communists so desperate that (like Dan Rather) they start inventing dirt on anyone who disagrees with them? If so, I have proof that Bill Clinton was a child molester, Jimmy Carter molested small animals, and Obama was molested by the First Wookie.
Not shame on us Ms. Malkin, Shame on those corrupt politicians that are pandering to the illegal aliens for future votes. But things are changing in the "fly over" part of the US. If I could give some advice to the Democrat/Communist politicians it would be to start watching their "6". The anger is building and getting closer to the "tipping point".
You are so incorrect, dflood. Only an idiot (or some one like yourself, but I repeat myself) would not believe in God.
This is a waste of the Pentagon's time and money. If the Joint Chiefs of Staff believe in zombies, then why not plan for an attack of crazed rabid rabbits? Or how about a mob of looting chipmunks led by Chip and Dale? This is beyond stupid. And the "powers that be" in the Pentagon should be ashamed.
James64, We can never "use up" our oil resources. They are renewable, being made by underground bacteria.
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