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Caesar Romney was his name and he was one of our greatest Founding Fathers.
You are, sadly, correct Marc. And it is getting closer every day. The feds are going to "push the envelope" just a little too far and the "Lexington and Concord" event will take place. The only reason that it hasn't happened yet is that no sane person wants a civil war.
But Ronald, all of this wouldn't be happening if Obama had not invited the illegal aliens into our country. So the problem was "manufactured" by the Obama Administration. I feel sorry for the sick babies; but why not let all the Democrats donate their wealth to administer medical care to these children. Because frankly they caused the problem and they should use their own money to fix it.
Cochran sold his soul to the Democrats for votes (and Bloomberg for money) during the primaries. I agree that McDaniel could have done more outreach to the black voters in Mississippi. However since 95% of the black voters in Mississippi are firmly in the Democrat camp, what good would it have done?
Fifty years ago this would be called an act of war. And it still is. With any president but Obama, US troops and aircraft would now be on the border.
"Kings don’t have morals or teachable moments.Instead they have revolutions." Truer words were never spoken, Mr. Ransom. At 63 years old, I don't have many friends in their 20's, 30's, or 40's; but the ones I have are all doing the same thing. They are arming to the teeth. If the Obama Administration tries to pull another Waco or Ruby Ridge, it will start another revolution. I believe that is why the feds pulled back in Nevada at the cattle ranch. I pray to God that we get through Obama's last two years without a war.
Baseball is the true American sport. You have individual effort and team effort in the same game. The game requires a knowledge of mathematics, odds & probabilities, secret signals, and planning. I like football; but I love baseball.
Allow a Brazilian or Costa Rican to play football (at the high school level). They won't make it past the first quarter. I agree with Ms. Coulter.
mshandy wrote at 6:41 PM: "His platoon (who happen to be republicans/conservatives) are the one that should be apologizing to the hero that returned home. They used their service as a political move, which is far from what any respectable service person would do." What do you know of respectability, you moron liberal troll? Your comments (and probably your life style) are not in the least bit "respectable". Do you just dream up these idiotic comments or are you given them by the communist party? Please go to school and take American history. You can then compare Bergdahl's actions to those of General Arnold of the Revolutionary War.
mshandy, The states with the highest number of KKK members are Ohio and Indiana. I notice desperation in your writing. Are you worried that November 2014 will see the Democrats lose control of the US Senate?
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