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I hope our next president (who I pray to God is a conservative) places NOW on the list of domestic terrorists and deports 90% of them.
It will be interesting to see how the Texas National Guard troops respond to incidents like this when they are deployed on the border.
In 100 years, Kim Jong Un will be seen as one of the most stupid and idiotic figures of the 21st century. He will only be "out-shown" by our fearless leader Barak Obama.
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It's Not Over Yet

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 11:03 PM
As my blog name indicates, I am from Mississippi. I have told the Mississippi GOP that from now on I will not vote for Thad Cochran or any other RINO that the GOP runs in any future election. If the Mississippi GOP runs a decent candidate, I will vote for him. If the TEA Party runs a decent candidate, I will vote for him. Otherwise I will vote a "write-in". I will not vote for any Democrat, ever. The Democrats have proven they are nothing but Socialist/ Communists. They will lie, cheat, and steal; and they have no honor or love for our country. For 50 years they have created a dependency for government assistance in the black community that has absolutely destroyed it.
I don';t know what is stupider, Obama and Hickenlooper trying to act like "average joe's" while having a beer, or the idiots who voted for these two useless as*holes. Our border with Mexico is in a shambles and Obama is doing photo ops to prove he is just an average "dude"? Damn you Liberals for electing this "POS".
But there is a minimum of 18% of the US population who will actively fight the 4% you mention (this 18% is made up of mostly active duty military, vets, and rednecks). The odds still favor those who are in support of freedom of religion. Those the extreme Left would hire to pull the trigger will be paid "killers". When the risks out weigh the reward, they will run.
Carol, But those who feel that he has succeeded beyond any ones' wildest dreams are either: 1. Socialist/Communists/Far Left Democrats, or 2. Entitlement Queens, or 3. Haters of America, or 4. Idiots.
So Hillary "donated" the funds to her foundation? That is no different than if she had placed the money in her purse.
Hillary Clinton poor? But then again she dodged sniper fire. Maybe she can "dodge" the bad news?
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Washington's First Fourth

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 10:07 PM
George Washington was a soldier and a statesman, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his country's men". Along with the rest of our Founding Fathers, he should be honored. However, the Liberals don't see it this way. As they love to say, they were all slave owning white men. Real history (not the Liberal revisionist history) is correct. All of these men (regardless of their personal foibles) should be honored.
One other thing concerning the soldiers who served under Washington. For the most part they would have followed him into Hell with only a mouth full of spit. (In US military history, only Robert E. Lee would have such a following.)
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