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You are correct Alvin. (I also like your Sherlock Holmes reference in your analysis.)
Gee Buzzy, where would we get a "blue print" for our morality in the US if it wasn't for the Bible?
"Why--and here I am truly puzzled--does mainstream Hollywood continue to glamorize such hard-core Stalinists?" Because most of the Hollywood elites are either Socialist or Communist. But their "pay back" is coming and coming sooner than they thought, if the 2014 elections are any indicator.
The only bills (originating in a GOP US Congress) that Obama will not veto would be: 1. A bill increasing the number of his golf vacations. 2. A bill making him dictator for life. 3. A bill making anyone speaking ill of Obama guilty of treason. All other bills will be vetoed.
Although we are almost two years away from the election, I find some comfort in the fact that almost 50% of the US will NOT vote for Hillary. I expect that number to increase some 5 to 8 percentage points as we get closer to the election date. Hillary is losing the youth vote at an astounding rate. And it will do nothing but get worse for her as more and more of the under 30 crowd realize that she is a "dinosaur" in the political field.
Mr. Ranson, Thank you for placing the passage from the Gospel of Luke at the end of your article. My family and I read it yesterday; but it is always good to read it again at this time of year. I pray that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and will have an even better New Year.
” I’m an American first and the rest of the world is a very distant second." In my case the rest of the world isn't even on the radar.
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Why Trump Should Run

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 12:37 PM
I am also no fan of Trump, but considering Rino's like Bush and Romney, I too would vote for him.
Think of the "red" as the color of the blood spent by patriots to found and protect this country.
You are correct Bill. California will just elect her clone or some Liberal even worse. The problem in California is the coast line. Eastern California is composed of mostly moderate Conservatives.
"Unreal. Very, very, very unreal." Yes Mr. Ransom, your last sentence pretty much describes Obama and his administration.
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