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svirk Wrote at 9:10 AM "It is a indeed a powerful film. American propaganda is strong." It is really nice to read a Liberal's ramblings. They try to be so "cutting edge" cute in their snide remarks. I especially like his use of contrasts: "powerful film" vs, "strong propaganda". Careful review of svirk's comment will cause the reader to determine the following: 1. svirk was too much of a coward to serve in the US military. 2. svirk lives in his mother's basement. 3. svirk's only job is licking envelopes for the DNC. 4. svirk's college degree is in "advanced basket weaving". As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon."
Good one, John!
It sounds like you are "protesting" just a little too much, svirk. Either you are a Muslim and hiding the truth, or you are a typical Liberal who has drunk way too much koolaide. Both British and French politicians admitted to having "no-go zones" in their countries during the summer of 2013 and spring of 2014. Now both sets of politicians in both countries are feeling the heat and are "back-peddling".
The only way to win a war is to, "Kill them all and let God sort them out." War is killing and destruction. There is no other sane way to look at war.
But Webboss you appear to have some intelligence (except for your mis-spelling of the word "quiet"). Jimmy Carter is an idiot.
Jimmy Carter was the worst president in US history, up until Obama. He was an idiot during his term; and he continues to be an idiot now. (And after his "defeat" at the hands of a rabbit, the world discovered he had a yellow streak a mile wide.)
Canned Goods????????? So I guess after the "intruder" has killed the teacher and the students, he can pick up a few items and not have to go to the grocery store. And this is from Alabama. I thought better of the people in my neighboring state.
You are correct Alvin. (I also like your Sherlock Holmes reference in your analysis.)
Gee Buzzy, where would we get a "blue print" for our morality in the US if it wasn't for the Bible?
"Why--and here I am truly puzzled--does mainstream Hollywood continue to glamorize such hard-core Stalinists?" Because most of the Hollywood elites are either Socialist or Communist. But their "pay back" is coming and coming sooner than they thought, if the 2014 elections are any indicator.
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