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Forget the "flat tax", forget the IRS, what we need is the "Fair Tax". With the Fair Tax there is no need for a massive collection agency (like the IRS). Every time some thing is sold, the buyer pays a small amount. Buy a loaf of bread for $1.30 and you pay an additional $0.13 (if the Fair Tax percentage is 10%). Likewise, buy a new car for $25,000.00 and you pay an additional $2,500.00. Everyone will pay. Therefore every one has a "dog in the fight".
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Fire Reid Already

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 7:05 AM
Either civil war, revolution, or secession, Kirk72. And you are correct. That will be very ugly indeed.
I agree Scrap Iron. I prefer the Fair Tax(HR 25). No records to keep at all. And every one who buys a candy bar has a "dog in the fight" to support our country, rich and poor alike.
We will wait until after the election lois. Then the US Senate will be controlled by Conservatives.
Perhaps Brady will now start getting upset about animal names? Bulldogs, colts, falcons, etc. My own dog gets upset at these animal names all the time.
Only 35%??????????? I am sure CNN "doctored" the books. The number is much closer to at least 50%.
The Obama Administration treats anyone who isn't in the Democrats' "back pocket" as lower than dirt. This the standard operating procedure for Democrats.
Either the 1775 solution or the 1861 solution.
If Hillary is the smartest woman in the world, then why does she say the obvious lies, distortions, and dumba*s shiite that she does? I suspect that the years of living a "double life" (having a husband in name only, various "lovers" both male and female, and the lying) have finally gotten to her. She has gone off the deep end in her old age and is becoming senile. Is this what America wants for a president?
And again Obama launches another "feel good" executive action for his Far Left Liberal base. When will these Liberal idiots realize that Obama actions are no more than sound and fury signifying nothing?
With the present Democrat control of the election process, I am hoping (but not expecting) Franken to lose. I am afraid that we will see more voting precincts with 140% of the vote going to Franken. And if the election box is stolen, all we have left is the ammunition box.
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