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Why Trump Should Run

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 12:37 PM
I am also no fan of Trump, but considering Rino's like Bush and Romney, I too would vote for him.
Think of the "red" as the color of the blood spent by patriots to found and protect this country.
You are correct Bill. California will just elect her clone or some Liberal even worse. The problem in California is the coast line. Eastern California is composed of mostly moderate Conservatives.
"Unreal. Very, very, very unreal." Yes Mr. Ransom, your last sentence pretty much describes Obama and his administration.
If it is reported enough times, maybe a small percentage of Democrat voters will finally get the idea. Democrats have lied to and stolen from American for over 50 years.
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Did Obama Take a Dive?

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 11:15 AM
Obama's legacy is Obamacare. And at this point in time, it appears that Obamacare will either be rendered useless by the US Supreme Court or be over-turned in 2017 after Obama is out of office. And with the up-coming investigations into Fast & Furious, IRS-gate, and other Obama Administration scandals, it is entirely possible that in 2017 and beyond that Obama and many of his allies will go to prison. Obama will not be in office then and will not be able to do much to stop these criminal investigations. I predict that Obama and his administration will make Nixon and his administration look "pure as the driven snow". That will be Obama's legacy.
"So what’s the real reason for the failed presidency of Barrack Obama?" 1. Obama had no real experience going into the office of the president. 2. Obama is too arrogant for the office of the president.. 3. Obama is a socialist. (Socialist policies all over the world have failed.) 4. Obama is a "closet" muslim and does not understand a large portion of the US. 5. Obama has a "messiah" complex. 6. Neither Obama nor his advisers understand economics. 7. Obama believes that the "ends justify the means". 8. Obama does not know how to pick advisers who are capable.
I just wish that somehow this video would go viral on the internet. In no uncertain terms, Gruber admits that the Democrats and Obama LIED. In no uncertain terms, Gruber admits that the Democrats and Obama believe that Americans are stupid. The GOP and any other political party from now on needs no other ad against the Democrats than to show this video.
I can only assume that in heaven when God said, "Brains!" Sharpton thought He said "Rain!" and Sharpton hid under a table
What is the most important concept to pull from this whole matter is that the Democrats could care less about Landrieu. For Democrats it is all about money, i.e. the DNC's money. The Democrats could try to save Landrieu and her US Senate's seat. However, that would cost money so they write her off. For Conservatives, this is a true "Learning Moment". In any type of "Last Stand", Liberals will run like crazy.
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