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Where Was President Obama?

Gray Ghost (Mississippi) Wrote: 15 hours ago (8:00 AM)
Obama is a "closet" muslim and a democrat politician. Anything and anyone who can help his (and the Democrat Party's) agenda he will accept and/or down-play. In November, please vote out every democrat you can.
Your idea of the sign telling the world that Ms. Edson is "apparently unarmed" sounds good to me.
I believe you are correct. At this point in time it is evident to every one that this is the most corrupt administration in history.
You sure have that correct BrianR.
Frisky Willy is another hard-core Liberal who hates the South. His remarks concerning Southerners and the South are typical for Liberals. With all the industry and businesses moving South, I really see no need to try and defend the South. However, Willy might need to defend the Rust Belt and California.
Che Guevara was a bully, a coward, and a p*ssy. After he was captured, he said and did anything to keep from being killed. Only idiots think he was some type of "mystical" hero.
Voter Fraud Pappy?
McCain sold out to the big money interests (and the DC money machine) years ago. At this point in time I wouldn't believe anything McCain says or recommends. But I don't understand why the good people of Arizona keep electing him.
Carter lacks any common sense. His "courage" was proven with his run-in with a rabbit. It is no wonder that no one in the rest of the world respects him. Jimmy Carter is the Rodney Dangerfield of US presidents.
Thanks for the correction! I stand corrected and I appreciate the info.
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