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This is the problem having sexual predators and perverts like the Clintons in charge of anything causes. The only people that they (i.e., the Clintons) will allow to work under them are just as deviant as Hillary and Bill. By using other sexual predators and perverts, the Clintons will not have "underlings" exposing the corruption. It is a sad state of affairs for our country and speaks volumes about the Democrat Party.
I hate to say this; but thank God the Democrats will too high to care if it's election day.
"The article also mentioned that Farrow’s show was getting slaughtered in the ratings by Fox, CNN, and even Al-Jazeera America." Farrow should know that he is in trouble when Al-Jazeera America is beating you.
"A case of wealth re-distribution that our progressives would cry for, if they could only get rid of the guns." But they can't get rid of the guns. And they are not going to risk their own execution by the gun owners if they try a nation wide gun confiscation program. The US military will split 75% for gun owners versus 25% for the feds. And the federal government knows this (after 6 years of surveys of the military). Even worse, the combat troops will be the ones staying with the gun owners. The feds will get nothing but the administrative personnel.
Your "sarcastic" comment is so true, CompCon. Unfortunately, most Liberal Democrats meet the definition of insanity (i.e., doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results).
I am afraid that newly elected Governor Rauner will have to start arresting and preferring charges against at least half of the Illinois legislature, state government employees, and staff of the public employees labor unions. The corruption is so bad that nothing else will work.
The truth is that this proves Brian Williams is a LIAR. Everything he has said for the last 20 years is now suspect. Now that he has been caught, the really interesting thing will be watching the Liberals and NBC trying to cover for him. Also of interest will be watching to see if he is "thrown under the bus".
Yesterday was the last day of deer season in Mississippi. What did my wonderful wife (who has two degrees and was a school teacher) tell me to do? She said why don't you go hunting and try to get us some more venison. And even if I didn't get a deer yesterday I still had a great time in the woods with my grandsons. BTW, most good women in Mississippi are the same concerning hunting as my wife.
Mr. Harmon used the wrong artwork, svirk. He should have shown an M16 or .50 caliber Barrett. For us USAF types, we would have shown a Warthog. Please note that 99.9% of the US are NOT killing women and children or beheading people. The Arabs (Al Quida and ISIS especially) are.
svirk Wrote at 9:10 AM "It is a indeed a powerful film. American propaganda is strong." It is really nice to read a Liberal's ramblings. They try to be so "cutting edge" cute in their snide remarks. I especially like his use of contrasts: "powerful film" vs, "strong propaganda". Careful review of svirk's comment will cause the reader to determine the following: 1. svirk was too much of a coward to serve in the US military. 2. svirk lives in his mother's basement. 3. svirk's only job is licking envelopes for the DNC. 4. svirk's college degree is in "advanced basket weaving". As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon."
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