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Central Banks Clipping Coins

Grant75 Wrote: May 03, 2013 1:39 PM
Wasn’t coin clipping a form of theft? Isn’t devaluing our paper currency also a form of theft?. No wonder our government doesn’t want kids to read the Bible in school . . . get radicle ideas that all political law is not moral.

The central bankers of the world have taken the practice of devaluing currency to a whole new art form.  They try to keep it very simple by calling the world press together in order to announce their exact intentions.  As an example, ECB President Mario Draghi recently said, “Whatever it takes.” 

In addition, not that long ago, Ben Bernanke essentially said, “Monthly purchases of $85 billion from here to eternity.”  Yet, if things happen to go awry, it seems the only penalty for the central bankers is merely harsh criticism from people such as me and others on the...