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Very good. However, the assumption that the analysis is based on is faulty - Presidents actually have remarkably little control over budgets. Budgets originate in the House and are passed by Congress as a whole. In fact, President Obama's proposed budgets have been rejected wholesale by Congress (House AND Senate). A more useful analysis would be to look at spending by partisan control of the House and Senate.
Agreed, Duke. But let's do more than that. Let's make healthcare more available and affordable by allowing individuals AND companies to purchase insurance across state borders and enacting a process for allowing individuals to purchase prescriptions from (at the very least) Canada, but why not all of Western Europe?
I'm not sure what's wrong with the 17th -- don't you want 2 senators from each state? But to Denny's point -- AMEN! Repeal the 16th, decrease the ability for lobbyists to one-stop-shop their sweetheart deals, and decrease the power of Washington, returning it to the states.
How sad. McCain used to be a champion against pork. I wonder if he even realizes how far he has fallen.
The President did promise that if you like your current plan (and are part of the federal government) you can keep it.
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Yet More Mismanagement at the IRS

Grant43 Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 10:52 PM
A decade ago, a GAO staffer told me that the IRS regularly loses track of millions of dollars in tax payer payments. They sign for the payments but then just kind of lose the money.
Let's also not forget that there were a great number of 'conservative Republicans' who seemed to hate the Tea Party as much as Democrats did. It would still be partisan targeting, no matter who did it.
Of course he didn't lie. He was sitting the whole time he told the untruth.
Using that line of logic, one could say "Hey, Hitler was right and has been vindicated. He followed the process of demanding part of Poland and when they didn't just give it to him, he invaded them. It makes sense." Perhaps it does. But it doesn't make it right.
Sheesh! Joe Biden may be the most honest person left in the administration. At least he only plagiarizes other people.
Of course it's a side show. The main show is ... uh, (mumble, can't mention IRS, Obamacare, taxes), how the Republican obstructionism, ummm, okay, I got nothing. What is the main show again?
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