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Apparently, Jon Huntsman Sr made it up first and told Harry Reid. Which does not absolve Reid -- I genuinely feel sorry for him (I mean how can he live with himself. He must cry himself to sleep every night thinking about all the lies he tells) -- but it does provide some minimal cover.
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Climate Activists Uncaged

Grant43 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 11:33 AM
For all of their accusations of others being "flat earthers", it is clear that the enviros are actually the flat earthers. They are mimicking every argument made by the church when Galileo and Copernicus argued that the earth was not center of the universe: Galileo is wrong because (1) the authorities say he is; (b) the consensus is that he is wrong; (3) it is settled science that the earth is the center; and (4) if Galileo persists, he must be imprisoned until he changes his tune. (On a side note, I think the church was actually more enlightened that the enviros -- my understanding is that Galileo went to prison for denying the virgin birth, not for arguing that the earth circumnavigates the sun.)
Don't forget that 5 million lost their insurance due to the plan. So this would be a net increase of 1 million at best?
As a former Dane, I find I am having a difficult time to select the best starting point. I guess the first point is to note that Denmark switched from a semi-voluntary health system in the early 1970s to a universal health system. That worked reasonably well for about 5-10 years, and then people learned the lesson of indolence and the health care system collapsed on itself. A second point refers to economic freedom: In some some, Denmark does have lower barriers to entry and exit than the U.S. in some areas, but this is entirely because it is a small country hugely dependent on external investments. Moreover, the EU by definition has forced it to remain relatively open. If you really want to see where the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) will take us, consider that the Danish health insurance organization (Sygesikring Danmark) used to post official waiting lists for hospital treatment (a quick search suggests that they have taken down the official waiting list from last year and not updated or replaced it). To control costs, the national government regulates waiting lists for all ailments, and occasionally suspends them to allow indefinite waiting (even for various treatable cancers) depending on other political situations. For all of our problems here in the U.S., we are still the greatest country on earth. We are not in a death spiral (yet), we have people who want to not just succeed but exceed, and we have a general culture allowing success (and excess), even if laws and regulations are increasingly attempting to squash any such accomplishment. I remain hopeful that as a country, we will seek to remove the barriers to success that have been placed by federal regulations, mandates, and threats.
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Pew: Are Couples Happier Without Kids?

Grant43 Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 11:31 AM
I am not able to access the data independently, but it appears from a separate Pew study (using Census data) that couples with children are more likely to stay together longer, controlling for education. This makes me wonder if there were reasonable age and years of marriage controls on the findings.
With respect, I think Rev. Dr. King would disagree with Barrow's remark that ""Martin Luther King Jr. was the most unselfish, ungreedy person who ever lived." I am pretty sure the Reverend King could come up with another person who was less selfish, less greedy than he, though he may have to go back about 2000 years in history to find that person.
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A Bridge Too Far-Fetched

Grant43 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 5:44 PM
Agreed! Wasn't Ann the one who *begged* Christie to run for President? What, is she trying to cover up her sins of the past or something?
Gotta admit that she is perfect for the position: An under-motivated, mediocre lawyer who would prefer to have the government pay her to work as little as possible so that she can tell others what they should do with their lives.
Mr Ransom -- you missed this important story from the BBC ( We are now looking at another mini-ice age (once again) according to some scientists. Not so fast, object the global warmers/climate changers; They object that global warming is keeping the ice age from happening and is stabilizing the environment. In short, we know that there is global warming because there is not an ice age and we know that there is climate change because the climate appears to be stabilizing. QED.
Exactly. It's a good thing they are improving their ground game, but they also need to stop attacking their base.
The Danish press is in full cover-up mode too. They are claiming that this was just a brief moment of levity during a very solemn occasion. But where was the PM's husband? Still dodging taxes, perhaps.
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