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Of course they are moving the goal post. Why wouldn't they? They have gotten away with it repeated. Remember that the original rationale for the ACA was that there were 38 million Americans who needed healthcare coverage. Then it became we will look to cover 15 million for starters. Then it became a success if we signed up 7 million people for new healthcare, then it became a success if just 7 million signed up ... even if 5 million of them previously had health care. The main stream media is happy to push whatever new standard is being offered as a success.
It would probably be helpful to know when the last time was that the New York Times or the Washington Post were audited. If recently, then perhaps this is genuinely not a case of targeting. IF...
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Irresponsible Choices

Grant43 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 9:45 AM
Amen. And why were they opposed to the first Mormon President? Could only be religious racism (I know that doesn't make any sense, but it is the kind of language progressives throw around).
Is this the same as a "participation award"?
I think we can formally declare the current administration "the lowest in capacity, in capability, in policy, in consensus—almost every area" of any presidency in the last 150 years. Congrats Hagel -- perhaps you will remember not to throw stones in the future.
Dems are waging a war on babies.
I am actually a little concerned that now that the media are no longer covering for all the President's shortcomings, he may have an emotional breakdown. That would be even worse for the country (imagine a President Biden at the helm...)
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Hello Stranger ... Want To Have Sex?

Grant43 Wrote: May 07, 2014 9:59 PM
Amen Darby. Too bad that the brothers would be the ones spending time in jail and permanently barred from gainful employment these days as a result.
What! Mowgli is *white*? When did that happen? I thought he was Indian (which is Asian according to the U.S. Census Bureau).
Let's not forget that the original rationale for the law (sorry, "tax") was to provide health coverage for 32 million uninsured people. Even if all 8 million current sign-up were previously uninsured (and we know they were not), this is an unmitigated disaster.
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