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Two-Thirds of American Gun Owners Would “Defy” a Federal Gun Ban

Grannysue Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:07 PM
You live in Chicago I notice. Do you notg realize or you probably do that Chicago has one of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and over 500 people were murdered there last year. So much for how gun control works.
psydoc Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:57 PM
I lived in Waukegan after boot at Great Lakes, while on main side. That was many years ago.
Quintus_T_Cicero Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:31 PM
Not a dime's worth of difference in the two.
psydoc Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:26 PM
That does not count...wait, That is North Chicago. lol
Quintus_T_Cicero Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 4:11 PM
Actually Allistooge Unhinged lives in Shitcago. I curently live in Garland, Texas. I have. however, have lived in the Shitcagoland area, Great Lakes Naval Training Center to be precise,thanks to the U.S. Navy

It’s safe to say Feinstein, Obama and the rest of the gun control gang face an uphill battle when it comes to limiting any Second Amendment rights. According to a Fox News poll, most Americans—both Republicans and Democrats—would defy any new laws that would take away their guns.

But on to Question 47, addressed to those with a gun in their home: "If the government passed a law to take your guns, would you give up your guns or defy the law and keep your guns?"

The response: 65 percent reported they would "defy the...