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Obama and all the minions that have obeyed his seditious orders need to be arrested and tried for treason.American never allow this evil fraud to take your guns away. This is what he wants for you and your family while he has secret service around him.
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Happy Birthday George W.

Grannysue Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 7:29 PM
Both Obama and Bush represent the same people. They are both sides of the same coin.
We have evolved into a propaganda media that is more like Goebbels during Nazi Germany than what it should be. They are told what to say. I am appalled that I can get the truth overseas but not here when I want news. It is a way for them to squash any rebellion. It is a concerted effort to make them think we are the few who want a republic and democracy when we are the many.
Does anyone believe these traitors anymore. They are working against the American people. No souls, no morals and following a corrupt adminstrations orders and agenda.
Only the Lord himself can help America never more so than in this hour. Our nation is being purposely defiled and destroyed from within. It probably started decades ago but the current potus and many in congress are finishing it off. May God save America and its people.
The New World Order is putting all of its agenda in place. ""Tear a country apart with open borders, unsustainable debt, perversion and immorality, making states do as a federal activist judge says instead of the citizens of the state that vote for things. We are a nation that is quickly being filled with traitors who are selling their own country and childrens futures down the river. My home is in heaven but God help all the people that are going to be left behind when Christ comes.
Praise the Lord. No one trusts what this potus is doing. He says he has the right to m ur der United States citizens and already has. He has released illegal criminals out of prison and most certainly does not protect the citizens of this country. I am happy to see some states are beginning to protect their citizens in some way.
Remember the judges that sold this country down the river. They are on the road to perdition for what they are doing. They are going against the Lord and his covenant of marriage between a man and woman and no good will come their way.
His job is to destroy the economy. That is one of his most important jobs.Then all the rest follow suit. We are already bankrupt and the middle class is hanging on by a thread.
Exactly, there is plenty of money, Get it from the money he is sending to his brothers overseas. And, besides at this point who believes him. He would probably use the money not to deport but to fly or bus the illegals to every state in the union he can house them in. He is going to need them for the dems in November. Most people have wised up to no vote for them. God save america.
The EPA has lost e-mails because the IRS targeting was an inter agency tactic. The IRS, EPA and even the FBI went after Catherine Englebrecht who founded true the vote. I am appalled that any decent person that works for those agencies would allow themselves to be used as one of Obama's minions.She was attacked full throttle before the 2012 election because she wanted to have a group that trained poll watchers and election workers to ensure the integrity of votes.
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