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His job is to destroy the economy. That is one of his most important jobs.Then all the rest follow suit. We are already bankrupt and the middle class is hanging on by a thread.
Exactly, there is plenty of money, Get it from the money he is sending to his brothers overseas. And, besides at this point who believes him. He would probably use the money not to deport but to fly or bus the illegals to every state in the union he can house them in. He is going to need them for the dems in November. Most people have wised up to no vote for them. God save america.
The EPA has lost e-mails because the IRS targeting was an inter agency tactic. The IRS, EPA and even the FBI went after Catherine Englebrecht who founded true the vote. I am appalled that any decent person that works for those agencies would allow themselves to be used as one of Obama's minions.She was attacked full throttle before the 2012 election because she wanted to have a group that trained poll watchers and election workers to ensure the integrity of votes.
Everything about people who serve Obama seems to be greedy, selfish self serving people. They lie, cheat, just like the person they serve. At this point, it is common knowledge that BO is a pathological liar. It would seem that people still hanging on have something to gain from it.
At some point the American public will rise up and not put up with this bull corn. They are making blatant attempts to take down all conservative leaders that truly are moral, good leaders.
They have gone after many conservative leaders and Governors. Remember the Govener of Virginia they claimed he received presents from donors. Why is the left not gone after for their illegal campaign schemes. Reid bought jewlery from campaign funds for a granddaughter. This is wide out in the open from the left now and it is disgusting to the American people. Walker is a contender for president in 2016 and their attacks will only strengthen him in the eyes of the American public.
The church needs to refuse to give Pelosi holy communion. She has defied and broken church laws and covenants with Christ and should most definitely not be taking holy communion. A good priest should do that.
I doubt it is 54%. Probably skewed with a bunch more dems than conservatives. She is forever linked with Obama and his poll numbers are in free fall. I doubt if they will be able to ship in enough illegals to carry her over the finish line.
I would bet my last dollar he goes there to tell them that all their people are welcome here in the good ole US of A. Disgusting, these people are nothing more than corrupt politicians and at the bottom of the food chain.
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Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters

Grannysue Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 9:56 PM
The problem is the media is nothing more than a propaganda tool of both the left and right. Fox News and Megan were the only ones to run the program on what was going on in Texas and Arizona and all the tens of thousands of illegals crossing the borders, most of them children seeking amnesty. They have been told by Obama in the newspapers over there to come, they will be given food stamps, welfare and amnesty. This situation started with Bush who was a NWO tool and Obama is finishing it. You can hear the death throes of this great nation. Next, you will have the carpet baggers leaving nothing but the bones of what was once a great nation. May God help his people during this time of evil .
If I couldn't see this thing thru the eyes of a Christian it would drive me crazy but our Lord told us what to expect in the last days, a New World Order. Obama seems to be the anti Christ. He is evil and everything he does is evil. Those who support him now can go thru the hell they will have to go thru when the Lord raptures his sheep out of here. They have earned it and they deserve it.
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