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He has quickly become one of the most distrusted, hated presidents in our great nations history. His actions evoke the memories of Hitler, Stalin, Chavez and the whole of men who destroyed their nations and their citizens.
The house has the power of the purse legally, Obama does not. They need to exert that power that is if they want to stay in office.
The economy was tanked deliberately. The NWO has had that as orders for years. The problem was we had such a vibrant economy it has taken longer than expected. And,more and more people are becoming aware of was is going on.
I am convinced until we become like the citizenry in countries overseas, France and other countries who rise up we will continue to be abused by this administration who does not hold dear the values of the citizens of this country.
I see Romney going so far as to knock off everyone but Jeb Bush and then stepping aside to let Jeb be the nominee. These elites all work together. So I hope noone is duped by this.
An awful excuse for a human being is what he is. He must have zero conscience. Zero. The only one this man cares about is himself. I am appalled that any, any human being would stand behind him when he goes on tv for propaganda. Who are these people who still stand with him? Where do they come from? Do they pull them off the street?
I resent even paying taxes for his limo. And, by the way he expanded the limo fleet exponentially since he has been in office.
The powers that be believe they are smarter than the voters but also can rack the middle class of the last vestige of money they have left. Jeb is as good a face for them as any. He'll do as he's told. This reminds me of the carpet baggers who came and took everything but the bones.
No one wants another Bush. Do they think they are royalty? Or is it because political office brings so much money into the coffers. No more Bushs. Period. People will stay home. I know I will.
Ignore all laws that are unconstitutional. Period. Tell McAuliffe if he is willing to get rid of all bodyguards you will be willing to give him your guns but until the elites get rid of secret service, bodyguards they have no leg to stand on. Period.
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Here Comes the Obama Veto Pen

Grannysue Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 10:49 PM
May our Lord give this evil man a lasting plague for what he has done to the world and innocent people.
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