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McConnell is no different than a dem. He votes with them, lunches with them and is an elitist. Thinking he will do the right thing if we hold the senate is a pipe dream. Most have sold their souls to the highest bidder. Truth be told he won his primary by dems voting for him.
He won the election in 2012 if the truth be told. He should have stood up then and questioned all the precincts that reported over 100% of the vote. Now they are finding out that states like North Carolina had over 14,000 people that voted in two states at the same time.I will never believe Obama won it. People were thronging to see Romney by twenty thousand and Obama couldn't even fill up a stadium they had to move the dnc affair inside and black out part of the seats. No, Romney won and we have had to suffer thru the laws, regulations, anti constitutional displays of power and arrogance by a man who is no more than a fraud in more ways than one..
His approvel I would bet is in the thirties. They always skew the polls. The man shouldn't be in office in the first place.I don't think he won the last election and alot of other people don't think so either. Too many voting anomalies and noone in our congress questioned it either. They know the truth I am sure also. Shame on them.
Perry is a well liked governor. i know I live in his state. He has gotten better since Obama came into power. He and his wife are christians and he is probably disgusted with what he is seeing coming down the pike. Our state is overrun by illegals and Perry had to call in the national guard to the border. At least he is doing his best to protect the citizens of his state.
I agree. Rick Perry as Governor has the right to veto. I am soooo tired of the desperate dems going after every republican governor. They went after Bob McDonnell in Virginia like a freight train so they could put their own corrupted governor in power. Wonder how many of those absentee ballots were valid in that election, then they went after Governor Christy and Governor Walker and now Governor Perry. Maybe these cretins need to be charged for all court costs and attorney costs when they bring ridiculous lawsuits forward.
I am appalled at the lawlessness of the dems and their continued lies and accusations of anyone that is decent and doing good for the citizens of their state. Apparantly, they prefer the crime, death of cities, bankruptcy that the dem states are all in at this point. Governor Walker got his state out of that abyss and the dems attacked him also. They are beneath the pale at this point and what they are doing is harming their party. They must be too dumb to realize it. They are quickly becoming repugnant to the American people. Desperation from the left is palpable.
Texas really is a great state. It was under the policies of Bush and Obama that the illegal situation got out of control. That is because Bush was never a conservative republican he is a liberal and his family have made their money by what, being in politics. His grandfather Prescott helped Hitler. Obama is one and the same as Bush. I can say with confidence that Perry is not cut from the same cloth. He heard wha the Texans were telling him to do and he did it. I know because I called the governors office and asked him to send the national guard to theborder and I know lots of other people did also.
The democrats can't win without vote fraud. that is a given.With obamacare as a complete failure and disliked immensely and open borders and out and out corruption that is the face of every thing I have ever seen i don't see how any decent American can vote for a democrat ever again.Maybe its time for a third party but I can say Americans are disgusted with what is passing for good political decisions in Washington.
If they can stop the voter fraud the dems are in real trouble. We know that alot of deceased voters were included in the last election.
I say vote out all rino incumbents and put in tea party people.But, we saw what the establishment will do in Mississippi. they stole and election thru massive voter fraud. We have to wait and see how this goes.
Why are we in all of these countries fighting? Hmmm, our nation is falling down around our ears, democracy here is a farce when you consider we have a president running around ignoring our duly elected leaders and using unconstitutional executive power to get his way.Trading five high level Taliban leaders for one deserter, allowing our borders to be wide open.Lets get our country back on the right track before we start wars overseas.Eisenhower warned us of this..
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