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Montana Parents: Christmas Songs Performed at School Concert are a ‘Form of Bullying’

grannylake Wrote: Dec 21, 2012 7:42 AM
First, using the phrase "slobbering love affair" makes you sound like a head-line reader without a thought of your own. Americans have the right to choose for themselves not for others. If someone choose not to participate that is their choice but they do not have the right to affect the choice of others. If by American nationalism, you mean American exceptionalism - the fact the USA is the only country on Earth that wasn't founded by a monach or a dictator but rather by the people then every American citizen should be proud of their country's history. Where do you think your rights and freedoms come from?

Parents in the Missoula County, Montana school district have taken bullying accusations to a whole new level. They’re claiming Christmas songs that refer to “our Lord” are “unfair, unconstitutional and [are] a form of bullying,” according to the Billings Gazette.

The parents say there are all sorts of faiths represented in the community and children singing the songs at a recent school concert “were uncomfortable.”

The school district responded by saying, “During the holidays we, as a school district, are very cognizant regarding our district policy pertaining to the holidays and the importance of separation of church and state,” Superintendent Alex...