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It seems to me that it doesn't matter whether what Obama thinks about whether ISIS leaders are or are not religious leaders fighting a religious war, it matters what the ISIS leaders believe. Obama's ego blinds him on a regular basis.
UofM should be embarrassed. Being offended is an emotional response and emotions cannot be legislated. The list of words and actions is in the ever changing minds of the beholders. If someone is offended they should tell the offender that they were offended and why. If the offender has been taught well with social, moral and ethical values, they will apologize. Of course, none of this works unless both parties respect each other enough to treat them like they want to be treated. On that front parents and society in general have failed each new generation more and more making Americans not a very polite society.
Your comments make too much sense. The progressive liberals have spent years teaching every new generation that the people do not have the ability to think about nevermind understand such social matters and therefore the people must follow the direction of their learned leaders. Our education discourages individual thinking and individual choices and instead teaches "group think" for the "greater good."
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Obama's Unconstitutional Indiscretion

grannylake Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 7:59 AM
Finally, a simple Common Sense answer explaining how Obama is ignoring our Constitution and granting privileges to illegal immigrants at a financial and employment cost to American citizens. Spread the word to everyone. Obama needs to be stopped.
When the People understand that Congress approve everything in the Department of Homeland Security to protect American Citizens. The only part not approved for funding is Obama's Amnesty Order for illegal immigrants. Given the American debt and decreasing resources, I cannot imagine Americans choosing to spend their's State's money on illegal immigrants over the citizens in their State.
Judge Hanen's ruling makes legal sense and common sense. Even a person with a modicum of Common Sense, could understand that: Obama's DAPA Order may is not legal because it makes the States financially for benefits to illegal immigrants; once those benefits are granted, it would be difficult if not impossible to remove the benefits that include driver's licenses and work permits; a delay in the ruling would not change the illegal immigrants' status quo; and time is needed before a higher could hear any appeals of Judge Hanen's ruling. The American People deserved to have their Constitutional Rights preserved.
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Bigger Liars than Brian Williams

grannylake Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 9:52 AM
It's not just liberals (although they are experts at it) that are lying, it's people everywhere, including our children. Lying has become more acceptable because everybody does it and that attitude won't change until the People say that lying is not socially acceptable and shun the liars. It's about respect for self and others and that has to start at home by example.
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A Man's View of 50 Shades Of Grey

grannylake Wrote: Feb 14, 2015 4:59 PM
Women are tired of being in control? Thank the militant feminists. Shared control always works best when it can be worked out.
This is just another example of how the liberal progressive lefties define "transparency."
When Obama ad libs, that's his voice. When he reads the message, it's his advisor's/handler's words and he believes what they tell him. He lives in such a protective bubble he doesn't know the truth. How else could Obama continue to believe that the whole world really respects his knowledge and leadership skills, and loves him no matter what they say?
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Living in Obama World

grannylake Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 7:33 AM
I am amazed that so many Americans no longer trust their ability to think and use the common sense they were born with. Obama's words paint a beautiful story but his actions and the results from his actions have been so destructive to America and American citizens. How can so many Americans still be blind to the very obvious, very transparent devastating consequences of Obama's choices, especially when it is so obvious too people all over the globe?
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