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What a great decision based on common sense and the will of the people! There may be hope for America yet.
Obama did everything within and beyond his power to creat every crisis that America has been forced to deal with for the last six years and with his confirmation that America has only phony scandals no real problems, he saw no reason to seek any solutions. He is the greatest enemy America has faced in centuries. He is a traitor and should be impeached.
The problem is Obama is so full of himself and lives is such a bubble as his handlers including his wife and Valerie Jarrett only allow his fawning fans close and keep all of the mean people away, he believes his made-up life is real. I cannot wait until the day when he's out of office, disgraced by the majority and finally realizes what a phony he is. But I don't hold my breath because I'm quite sure he's not smart enough to understand just how deluded he is about his contrived omnipotence.
I think every illegal immigrant alien should have an ID card that they must carry at all times with a GPS tracking microchip that declares their illegal status AFTER they file an application containing all of their personal information including name, age, country of origin, relatives in their home country and in America, date they entered America, etc. and provide a full set of finger prints and a DNA sample. At least we could track them until we deport them.
I'd rather have Joe over Barry any day. He's not the brightest guy around but at least he's not an evil, anti-American.
The establishment GOP better smarten up. The People are weary of right and left establishment politicians that support each other and themselves over American citizens. We want our Constitution upheld for all of "We the People" not a chosen few.
The Federal Government is not a private corporation with private money to offer bonuses. The government only has citizen's money to spend so why does any government worker get a bonus for doing their job never mind for NOT doing their job? This is insane and We the People are the only ones that can stop it because the government employees getting these bonuses or the ones authorizing the bonuses for votes surely won't stop it!
M. Obama is a huge woman married to a skinny-assed man. Obviously, she still doesn't understand how to prepare healthy meals or in her case, tell her cook how to prepare healthy meals for her family. The fact that she thinks she can define healthy meals for the nation's population shows her arrogance and over-inflated ego.
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Slavery Reparations

grannylake Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 7:03 AM
Obama is doing his best towards reparations by making as many blacks as possible government dependents. What the blacks don't seem to understand is that government dependency, relying on the government for every basic need, food, shelter, clothing, etc. is just another form of slavery.
Obama isn't as naive as he is unconcerned, uninformed, disinterested and disengaged. He hasn't actually made any decision since he's been it office because someone else puts the words in his mouth and he just spits them back with theuse of his telepromptor of course. I'm sure Obama agrees with the grand muslim plan but he doesn't have any idea how to figure out what's going on with his little community organizing pea brain. The only thing he's naive about is that he doesn't know that most Americans know the Obama is so arrogant that he doesn't even know what he doesn't know.
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