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Michelle has a reputation for treating WH employees and especially military personnel assigned to her very disrespectfully often using condescending remarks against "her servants". After six years she has failed to understand that she is in the WH as a servant to the People.
America is a country of laws that support individual freedoms. But those freedoms can be lost when laws are broken. How can a country that supports death by drone of American citizens and others to protect and save American lives, prohibit coercive methods to do the same? Answer, it cannot. EIT can and will be justified in some circumstance. The real question is, "Who should be entrusted with the power to decide when EIT are in the best interests of America and American citizens?" Never ever should that be just one person.
The real moral to the story is "Don't lie." and for those that cannot help themselves, "Don't lie in public because it will be recorded."
Additionally, the police didn't just happen upon Garner. The owner of the store that Garner was in front of as he was selling the cigarettes called the police, reported Garner for illegally selling cigarettes that was affecting his business and asked for him to be removed.
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An Arab Prince Denounces Islamism

grannylake Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 12:21 PM
Using the label "War on Terror" to define our conflict with Islamic extremists is totally inaccurate. The percentage of terrorist attacks on U.S. Soil by group, from 1980 to 2005, according to FBI Database include: Latino – 42%; Extreme left-wing groups – 24%; Jewish extremists – 7%; Islamic extremists – 6%; Communists – 5%; Others – 16%. America faces a much greater threat from Latinos than Islamic Extremists. Does that mean we should fear every Latino? No and we shouldn't fear Islam either. But it's hard to define the enemy. Just as this prince stated, we need to clearly state that we are against groups or people that hold anti-American ideology and seek to harm Americans by illegal actions according to the laws of the United States and the United Nations or other globally accepted laws. The Obama administration has failed to clearly identify and name any enemy of America and many of those in identified groups especially Muslims have failed to speak out and separate themselves from the terrorists. The Prince's comments were refreshing. I hope people listen to him.
Yes, Barry is a Communist but bad for him and good for America, he's a stupid Communist leader who never progressed (pun intended) past being a community organizer.
So techniques were used that made the prisioners very, very uncomfortable mentally and physically. That resulted in information being gained by the interrogators. But death by drone wasn't included as a technique nor was death by any means was committed because those prisoners were not killed before they could talk nor were they killed after they talked. The prisoners were released with a heightend sense of hatred for Americans and were returned to countries where they could fight and kill Americans again.
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Egg Freezing and the Indentured Woman

grannylake Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 8:36 AM
This article seems to indicate that the women who may use this option would only look at the money being offered and wouldn't use their own common sense to find the best answer for themselves. Wow! Are the women of America really that stupid or lazy? Answer NO This is just another progressive liberal attack on "the stupid people". I believe that any woman who would consider freezing her eggs to further her career would accept the responsibility of learning about the procedure, the statistics, the costs, and every other piece of pertinent information before she acts and not wait for someone else to point out the details.
The charges considered were manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.
he had to have been breathing adequately enough to sustain life when he was on the sidewalk because he didn't die until about an hour later while in an ambulance of a heart attack no injury.
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