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A Senate Referendum on Obama's War on Coal

grannylake Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 2:18 PM
COMMON SENSE dictates that you do with what you have until something better comes along AND you can afford to make the change. How much sense does it make for financially struggling Americans to stop mining and using coal or to stop drilling, refining and using oil because it may harm the environment while the majority of the countries in the rest of the world continue to use their resources as they please? Nothing Obama does makes any sense. He makes beautiful promises but none of the details of any of his plans pass the stink test. Americans are more intelligent and have more common sense than Obama gives us credit for!

If you've been understandably focused on the increase in prices at the pump, it's time to focus on another pending energy policy disaster that will hit your electric bill soon: the Obama administration's War on Coal. After cap-and-trade failed, the administration's fallback plan has been a relentless regulatory assault on our most abundant domestic energy resource. The U.S. Senate will finally have a chance to do something about it, possibly as soon as this week.

Remember Al Armendariz, the EPA bureaucrat who resigned for admitting he likes to crucify oil and gas companies? He was assigned to Texas and Louisiana...