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Untested National School Standards Stifle Local Voices

grannykk Wrote: Mar 09, 2013 10:34 AM
I and a friend had a meeting with one of our state senators. The purpose was to "educate" and inform him about Agenda 21 and its offspring, Common Core. He is a lawyer and very intelligent, but didn't appear to know much about this subject. I strongly urge anyone reading this to do some online research, and have a meeting with your representatives to educate them. They will, or have, likely vote for this program because all the hype makes it look very good. Your research, as shown in this article, will convince you otherwise. If I can be of any help, contact me through this site, and I can send you the materials we found.

Editor's note: This piece originally appeared in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

As soon as someone tells you something will save education, hide your children, hide your wife and check your back pocket.

Because education deals with children and the American dream, it’s a land of magical thinking. The latest unproven fad is called Common Core.

No one ever field-tested it, but 45 states, including Indiana, adopted it, believing its mental sugar pills will make all U.S. kids “college- and career-ready.”

The Core defines what K-12 children must know in math and English, and forms the basis of forthcoming national tests.