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Has the President Been Lying?

grannykk Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 12:11 PM
What is so difficult to understand about the President? He tells us exactly what he is, and then he goes ahead and makes executive orders to carry out his plans. Take a look at history....there are a lot of historical figures who have followed exactly the same path, and it never works out. Karl Marx, for example, wrote a great deal about his plan. Read it and you'll see a lot of similarity. Then you will know.
Does this not constitute outright fraud on the American people? When is someone going to start an impeachment process? This man is a continual liar and his constant denials and lies are ruining our economy and this country. GET HIM OUT NOW!
This is astounding...http://www.nachumlist.com/deadpool.htm
So, the HHS is going to have weekly information releases. Who is going to believe anything they say?
Their minds are made up....don't confuse them with facts!
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