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Executed in 81 days???? Can't believe this ever happened!!! Most people given the death sentence today have a better chance of dying of old age in prison, than of really being executed.
If the DOJ idly stands by and protects the "Black Panthers", and other black offenders wearing their "hoodies" and committing crimes such as intimidation, "snatch and grab-mob robberies, gang actions, why can't the KKK show up in their "hoodies", and the Aryan Nation show up with their "skinheads", and be just as protected? Whites are being discriminated against!
And OJ was found "not guilty", by a jury of his "Bros".
Here we go with the "we were slaves-----150 years ago" BOOHOO>
And they wonder why "young black men" are "under suspicion"? I can pick out 10 news stories of muggings, rapings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries, in our paper in any given week, and at least 8 out of the 10 will be by a "young black man". They behave like wild predatory animals without any shred of conscience. And don't get a clue.
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