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Who Is 'Racist'?: Part II

GrannieGreenEyes Wrote: May 01, 2012 1:43 AM
Turn on him like they did O.J.??? O. J. got off because of the "Bros" on the jury.
I haven't seen anything that suggests that Obama served in the military either. In fact, half of the past presidents had not served in the military. This is not a requirement for being pres--- but being a true citizen of the US and being a patriot, and representing ALL of the people you serve is a requirement. I am a Republican, and I haven't had a president that represents me for over 3 years. I am taxed without representation.
Hey, this is off the topic, but where was all the news with AL and JESSE last week when that black woman shot and killed the white woman IN COLD BLOOD, and kidnapped her 4 day old baby????? Why don't these things come out in BIG, GIGANTIC, SUPERCOLLOSUL HEADLINES. She was laying in wait just to kill someone and take their child!!!
Then we go down like the Titanic.
A lot of whites put Obama in office---- he didn't just win on the black vote. But blacks will vote for him regardless---- and voting for a man ONLY because he is black, is every bit as racist as voting AGAINST a black man because of his color. Don't think whites are as racist in that regard as the blacks are.
Everyone says that Obozo wants to keep the Latino vote--- and tries to protect the illegals here. Are the illegals allowed to vote???? Don't think any US citizens would be allowed to vote in any other country----- nor would we want to?
Has anyone but me noticed that about 90% of the time you see Obozo on TV, he has a black standing right at his left shoulder. These people in his "audience" sure look like plants.
Hilary Clinton should retire and enjoy what is left of her life. She looks more haggard every day. She sure doesn't need the money, but people like her are power hungry, and the money and other perks are not the real goal. It's the POWER!!!
I only hope that they find Holder guilty of lying, and withholding information about Solyndra, Fast and Furious, and the protection of the Black Panthers. But I'm thinking that if he is found guilty before Obozo gets kicked to the curb, Obozo will pardon him anyway. I look for him to pardon a lot of convicts before he leaves office.
I read the "Pelican Brief" years ago. As i rememter it, It is about an island where pelicans bred and thrived, down around the Bayou country of Lousiana, and some crooked politicians wanted to destroy it---- the good guys--- Julia Roberts was one-- were more of less environmentalists who were out to stop the crooked politicians. Like I said, I read this years ago--- and have read umpteen books since then--- but John Grisham is one of my favorites.
Executed in 81 days???? Can't believe this ever happened!!! Most people given the death sentence today have a better chance of dying of old age in prison, than of really being executed.
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