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The Politic Path of Least Resistance

Grandma Shirley Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 12:12 AM
OMG! Obama Must Go! along with all of his "Gang" He is illegal! His father was never a U. S. Citizen! How hard is that to figure out? Then add to that his complicity in "Fast and Furious" Then add to that his multiple illegal circumvention of our Constitutional Law as relates to Immigration, Border Control and his myriad of Executive Orders! Then add to that his treasonous actions in the multiple wars in the Middle East ... Then Benghazi, then the fraudulent election! Now this latest round of ILLEGAL Executive Orders for Gun Control! How much more??? How long, Oh Lord, before you deliver us from this terrible non-American? Dear God, Please remove all of the evil from Washington, D.C. and make no tarrying! In Jesus Mighty Name I pray. AMEN

January 20, 2013

People have an incredible knack for self-preservation that nations sometimes, surprisingly, lack.

The United States of America is not unalterably locked into future bankruptcy, taking you and me and hordes of other innocents down together. But the road to that fateful — if not in ways “fatal” — day now lies stretched before us like a superhighway.

Indeed, it is the path of least resistance.

“For all the bitterness in Washington these days,” Ezra Klein wrote last week in the Washington Post, “it’s easy to miss...