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5 questions, answers on 'net neutrality'

GramSam Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 4:58 PM
The President may have over simplified things. NO Like Obamacare.
If Dumocrats didn't cheat they couldn't win.
Who is in charge of these machines, aren't they tested before they are used. And how many votes went undetected? If the Dumocrats didn't cheat and lie they couldn't win.
Innis is a good man and a great patriot. Obama has set the clock back years with his divisive talk. As well as Eric Holder. The people believed Obama would help unite us not so.
DWS is a good little comrade.
Who runs on abortion as an issue. That is just insulting to any woman thinks with her mind not her wad. Really that's all you got.
If the idiots at CNN had covered BO's background like they have the Palin's maybe the Golfer In Chief wouldn't be in office. CNN is a left wing propaganda machine. Hell they probably get there stories right from the WH, because they wouldn't know how to investigate a story if they had to.
Is this the first time he has voted.
How long has she been in office and she didn't know. Does anyone in DC know what's going on. She is part of the problem.
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