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The ambassador in Cairo will not allow the Marines to have ammo for their weapons. There was NO Marine contingent in Benghazi even though the State Dept was aware of threatened violence.
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Public Unions are Public Enemy No. 1

grammasusan Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 1:20 PM
I graduated high school in 1964. We had 1 vice-principal for the entire school and 1 guidance counselor for each grade, according to my yearbook, there were 2217 students that year. I married a Marine after graduation, we started a family right away. I did not go to college. My son-in-law graduated from Clemson, with honors, in 1992. He often remarks that I learned more in 12 years than he did in 16. According to him, my historical knowledge, constitutional and political expertise far surpass his. We didn't have courses in recycling but we learned critical thinking because we were encouraged to think for ourselves. We were given both sides of an issue, our instructors facilitated debates and we learned.
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