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Van Jones Explains "Cheap Patriotism"

gracepmc Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 9:25 AM
Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett are friends. Valerie Jarrett is one of Obama's closest aides and advisors. Assume they are a united front.
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Bloomberg Poll: Obama 53 - Romney 40

gracepmc Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 9:31 PM
The 800,000 children of illegal immigrants recently granted mos favored person status.
Wow! Obama must not have much confidence in Holder's plan to challenge Voter ID laws.
So, the President of the United States wants a "do over"?
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A Rough Sunday for Team Obama

gracepmc Wrote: May 21, 2012 10:18 AM
Mr. Booker is not backtracking. His position has evolved, is evolving.
Well it works for me. It's also useful with the over exuberant or annoying -- "Call home. Julia says Zachary's looking for his dad." Or "Go home, Julia's looking for you." For someone living on the dole, that Julia's a pretty useful girl. Have fun.
Dimi, Call home Julia says Zachary's looking for his dad.
Come on guys cut Jehmu some slack. She was just taken aback. There are no white boys in bow ties in Julia's life.
Sorry for the double dip. My mistake. There are actually two appropriate civil responses "You're such a Julia" and "You sound just like Julia. " My life, so much simpler.
Oh, this is so perfect for me. Initially I was distressed at "Julia". But it seems she is useful. If you are like me and have difficulty with names all Obamanistas are now Julia. I mean Debbie Wasserman Shultz or even better Mika Brzezinski -- yikes! Julia, so much easier. Ok, out of respect for DWS, Congresswoman Julia. And if you are at a loss for words in talking with an Obamanista you can just lean in and smile and say "Oh you're such a Julia". Or again, at a loss for words "You're such a Julia". It's very civil. Yep, Julia I think I like her!
First, all thanks and respect for the military and intelligence members upon whose shoulders Obama stands as he spikes the football in this election game. Today we are being treated to a post game news orgy of OBL's last words and intelligence obtained one year ago. What's next in this shameful political play? My money is on the deep sea treasure hunter bringing up Osama's body (with unheralded skill of the US Navy) and Obama displaying it in some yet to be announced location. Most likely at an Obama fundraiser. Or perhaps the Democrat Convention. Details TBA.Watch for the teaser.
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