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Oh, dear, I don't get the Mike Ditka in a wedding dress joke. (Yes, I know who he is.) Did you mean Richard Trumpka?
This is a wonderful site, Command Posts, with a special article and photos on remembering Pearl Harbor through the decades. http://www.commandposts.com/2011/12/remembering-pearl-harbor-images-through-the-decades/
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Maybe Minorities' Values Need Changing

Grace28 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 1:12 PM
** That is what my radio show, latest book and Prager University are about.** Ah, shilling much?
Not sure if you were replying to Emily or me. Anyway, if someone asks me specifically what I think about a particular candidate or piece of legislation, I'll give my opinion. I don't have school-aged kids, so I check what the neighbors think about the school board candidates. If asked, I'll recommend books on different issues. But that's about it.
I have a different take. I assume that my family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers have carefulyy thought about the different candidates and their ideas and reached what they consider to be informed decisions. Who am I to presume that they are misinformed?!
** When money is taken and given to the Gov't, we all lose because Gov't is overhead cost.** Well, government wasn't "overhead cost" on this day 11 years ago when the Twin Towers collapsed and government workers --known as first responders -- died trying to save trapped workers.
I know. Truly frightening, isn't it....
** Despite the class warfare rhetoric you're hearing, there is far more money that can be confiscated from the vast middle class than there is to be plundered from the relatively thin ranks of the wealthy. ** Can you do the math for this statement? How was this calculation made? The ranks of the wealthy may be thin, but their wallets and portfolios are quite fat. Also, how do you define "money" (as opposed to "wealth") in the quote above? Are you talking about gross earned income, net earned income, including/excluding capital gains, interest, dividends?
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