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Why China Is Frantically Buying These U.S. Companies

gpowell Wrote: Aug 10, 2012 6:50 PM
Yes, China demands that companies share all trade secrets with them for the privilege of doing business in China. These companies are giving away all of our most sophisticated technology for the bottom line. The result of this is that China is modernizing their military at an unprecedented pace. They are acquiring our stealth technology, our anti missile missile technology, more advanced missile technology, etc. All we are doing is giving China the tools to defeat us when they declare war on us. By buying our natural resources and domestic businesses they will be able to shut all of them down thus denying us the ability to manufacture our advanced technology which is the only advantage we have at this time.

More than two decades ago, Japan sported the most dynamic economy in the developed world.

The country's Nikkei stock market index was soaring to new heights, and real estate prices were skyrocketing. Flush with cash after a multi-decade spree of trade surpluses, Japanese investors started to seek assets elsewhere, and some of their biggest moves took place here in the U.S.

At the time, Japan Inc.'s move to snap up the highly prized Pebble Beach golf course in California and the Rockefeller Center complex in New York City led to lots of...

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