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Obama's Interior Department Still Going Rogue

gpowell Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:57 PM
Obama wants us to become energy independent but he then shuts down almost all new offshore oil drilling as well as all new drilling permits on federal land. At the same time he gives US taxpayer money to Brazil to develop their offshore oil and states he wants the US to be their biggest customer. Everything this poor excuse for a president has done is an attempt to totally kill our fossil fuel industry. When he stated “your power bills will necessarily skyrocket” was probably only one of a few times he was telling the truth. He will totally destroy this great country in order to implement his pie in the sky green energy projects that do nothing except put millions and millions of taxpayer dollars in the pockets of his high end political

The Obama administration's loathsome cowboy, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, won't take no for an answer. He's been smacked down repeatedly by federal courts for imposing a draconian, junk science-based moratorium on the oil and gas industry. Yet, the job-killing zealot and his boss just introduced another ruinous offshore drilling ban two weeks ago.

The White House rationale for the renewed crackdown? Because we said so.

Thomas Pyle of the D.C.-based Institute for Energy Research reports that the Salazar scheme "reinstitutes a 30-year moratorium on offshore energy exploration that will keep our most promising resources locked away until long...