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"Political correctness is becoming ever more oppressive and increasingly unreasonable in its positions." Becoming ever more? That's all it ever has been, a prettied-up reason to force your views upon others.
We are no longer a nation of laws, but instead are a nation of men. I guess some rights are more equal than other rights. Sickening.
It would be nice if the Telegraph didn't have to implicitly denigrate the Tea Party in its article. Walker's way is the Tea Party way, much more so than the moderate Republican way. But the media must maintain the image of the Tea Party as extremists.
This is the unspoken reason most celebs and wealthy elites are pro-abortion: They want the masses to limit their offspring. It's fewer mouths for them to feed. They rationalize it in their own mind as "not condemning them to a life of poverty" and "choice".
Barry knows exactly what he's doing. He just can't articulate it or he would face treason charges.
Wow, it's pretty shocking that the mainstream media would completely abandon their own professional ethics in favor of promoting the progressive agenda...
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And the Dopes Took Charge at Midnight

GPeyton Wrote: Jan 02, 2014 4:02 PM
"We’ve put them there." WE didn't. The dopes did. Unfortunately there are more dopes than good people.
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A Bad Year for Freedom in the World

GPeyton Wrote: Dec 23, 2013 4:08 PM
You think jailing Morsi is a case of freedom losing? Would you have said the same thing if the German military had deposed Hitler in 1935? Do you think elected leaders have the right to do anything? Bizarre, Steve O, just bizarre. You might consider reading the Declaration Of Independence and actually thinking about it.
Didn't accomplish much? Sure made a whole bunch of already wealthy Wall Street guys a lot wealthier.
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New Obamacare Delay Is the Worst Yet

GPeyton Wrote: Dec 20, 2013 10:58 AM
"At what point will President Obama admit failure and accept the most reasonable solution - complete and full delay of Obamacare, for everyone?" Never.
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