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An Open Letter to Post-Abortive Women

gpeterson Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 9:53 PM
Considering that I have a genetic disease that use to be a very, very, I mean really horrible way to die (like many still are) before Nobel Prize winning research found fairly effective treatment... If my mother had a miscarriage (I was much wanted), I wouldn't have cared, would have I? Life is interesting and I'm glad to be alive, but...never having been born would spared me a lot of problems. If God is my creator. my intelligent designer... where can I file a law suit? Having worked as an intelligent designer myself, had I had ever screwed up that badly, I'd deservedly be sued for everything I have. We really can't depend upon people who speak for God, as Mr. Barber does, to tell us what to do when it comes to difficult decisions.
eddie again Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 5:12 PM
you could have ended your self-proclaimed miserable existence at any time.

do not blame God for your problems.

I write these words chiefly to women and girls who have had an abortion. Still, it is my humble hope and honest prayer that anyone weighing this life-versus-death choice might also read them with an open mind and a hearing heart.

I share these truths in love. Some of you already know them. Others deny them.

Yet truths they remain.

It is through obedience to Christ and in the authority of His Spirit that I write you this letter. It may be difficult to read, but I pray you will read it.

First, let us dispense with the oft-asserted notion that,...