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What Ron Paul Gets Wrong

goshawk Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 3:20 AM
Ken Blackwell has it wrong. Very wrong! We are not advocating secession because we Conservatives lost the election!!! We are advocating secession because we are sick and tired of the Corrupt, criminal, decedent enterprise the government has become! Now. Placing the Marxist, Alinsnky disciple Obama into the presidency was the worst mistake the American's made! We were hoping that the election would remove this Traitor Obama from office. But the Left with the help of mass voter fraud allowed this Muslim sympathizer to stay in giving him four more years to finish his destruction of our Republic!
Panda Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 5:19 AM
Let me sum it up: Texas shouldn't have to pay California's bills.

Congressman Ron Paul has just delivered his valedictory address in the House of Representatives. And he has told TV interviewers that the American Revolution was a wonderful example of secession. He's a much better OB/GYN, I'm sure, than he is a student of America's history. He could be cited for political malpractice.

If the Founding Fathers and the Patriots who fought and won the Revolution were seceding, why is it that none of them ever called it secession? They certainly had the word back then. They invoked the well-known right of revolution. They had read their John Locke and their Montesquieu,...