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The Sandy Claus Bill

goshawk Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 12:27 PM
Mr.Greenberg, you wrote; "Spend first, think later -- if at all. And set 'em up again. It's all on the HOUSE, or rather the SENATE." I know what you were trying to say, but your statement is not quite accurate. Their "set 'em up again" spending is all on the Taxpayer! It is the Taxpayers money that they "steal" to buy another round! Supplying their buddies with billions of dollars "stolen" from us so they can get kickbacks worth millions! Every one of these corrupt politicians should be jailed, prosecuted then hanged!

While the national spotlight is on the looming Fiscal Cliff and whether the country will go over it, plunging into the roaring waters below -- cue scary music -- the usual high-rollers (with your money, Dear Taxpayer) have seen their chance. They've put together the mother of all log-rolling, patronage-dispensing, pork-distributing appropriation bills, and are about to sneak it through the Senate while the country's attention is elsewhere.

What a grab bag of a bill, with the emphasis on grab. By the time you read this, the whole list of goodies may have received the Senate Seal of Approval, which...