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Obamacare Jiujitsu

goshawk Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 9:33 AM
covyrise, No, it will not be the "death of Obamacare." Obamacare was never about 'health care' it's soul Communist style purpose was, and is, *control over the American people!* And what you describe about what will happen to the medical field is exactly what Obamacare was intended to do. FORCING people to depend on the government as in a Totalitarian Dictatorship. If Congress don't get the backbone to stop him he will succeed in killing all our "God Given Freedoms and stripping us of all Rights" thus driving the America people into being mere slaves for the Dictatorship!

The art of jiujitsu is to use an opponent's weight and strength to your advantage. I believe we can further choke the life out of Obamacare by using this martial art technique. Let me explain.

Last week, I shared with you that while Republicans' power to repeal Obamacare has been thwarted by the president's re-election, all is not lost. Conservatives can still suffocate the federal monstrosity by supporting individual-to-state efforts to impede its funding and implementation.

I noted how, just two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered a lower federal court to take up a lawsuit by the patriots at...