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Report Raises Questions About Central Bank Gold Holdings

goshank Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 7:35 PM
Republicans pretend to be for 'small' government, but are for HUGE government. Republicans pretend to be for 'free' markets, but are really for rigged markets. Republicans say they are for 'taking responsibility', but their method of accepting responsibility is to always blame the most convenient Democrat for all the messes they created. Republicans always vigorously wave the American flag but, in fact, their actions put our beloved country last. Cherish the tax cut! Did the Greatest generation have tax cuts and Tea Parties during WWII when we were facing real Fascists? Let's face it, when a Republicans tells you that he or she is in favor of 'small government and free markets,' aren't both of these lies?

For years I have cautioned that changes in the ownership of gold held in the vaults of key central banks around the globe may not have been accurately reported. A report issued last month in Germany has once again brought these issues to the fore. In today's environment of rampant money creation and questioning of central bank activities, such uncertainty is bound to spark the curiosity of an increasing number of investors.

Since the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, central banks around the world have increased their gold holdings. As of January of this year, the International Monetary Fund estimated...

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