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Leftist America: Obama Opponents 'A--Holes'

Gorky Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 10:34 PM
Short list of filthy rich people who are O.K. because they weally, weally care about the poor little left people.....Al Gore (richer than romney), John F'n Kerry (richer than romney) public servents harry reid, pelosi, clintons (chelsea made 1/2 million a yr as college grad working for hedge funds) charlie rangel, kennedy's, obama's, well, you get the picture unless of course you're a brain-dead low-info fascist fantacist fanatical kool-aid drinking self-deluded troll living in a basement somewhere which which soon be standard accomodations for a once free great people who were the only hope left for an oppressed world dominated by communist dictators who have a taste for the high life.

This week's column is brought to you by the word "a--holes." It's one of the left's favorite words these days, fond as they are of shutting down the debate and casting their political opponents out like lepers.

Take, for example, the website Gawker. The website is liberal. And as liberal Obama backers, they feel the necessity not only to support the Obama agenda, but also silence those on the other side through bully tactics. Hence their decision this week to publish a full list of all the registered gun owners in New York City. The title of their big reveal:...