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Islamic Taliban Guns Down Popular Female Singer in Pakistan

GorillasInTheMist Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 3:17 PM
Maybe Obama might give some thought to sending Moochelle over there to sing them a few songs since he seems to like the sound Islamic evening prayers so much. And Islam IS the religion of peace, is it not?

A popular female singing icon has been gunned down in Pakistan and the Taliban may be to blame, but don't worry, the country isn't harboring terrorists.

Well-known Pashto singer Ghazala Javed and her father were shot and killed by unidentified men in Peshawar city of northwest Pakistan, police said.

The men fired indiscriminately at Javed and her father Mohammad Javed while she was leaving a beauty parlour at the busy Mohallah Nau in Dabgari Bazar last night, the singer's relatives told police.

In recent years, several singers and musicians in...