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Actually, according to the Daily Kos, one of the more conservative sites, the President's 2011 tax return shows donations to 39 different organizations, including the Red Cross. Red cause he's a secret commie I guess. Here is a link:
Well Lord, somebody has to, after Nov 7th all you guys will have is religion and racism. I guess it will have to be enough.
Umm, no a critic is someone who criticizes things, what your describing are war crimes. It's really not the same thing, disagreeing with you vs. murder.
As a matter of fact, if Gov of Mass, Mitt Romney was running I would vote for that earlier version. Hell that Mitt said the following "On a personal basis, I don't favor abortion. However, as governor of the commonwealth, I will protect a woman's right to choose under the laws of the country and the commonwealth. That's the same position I've had for many years." Protecting a woman's right to choose. Hell he sounds like one of us.
Again, 2008 we are in two wars, started by a Republican President, sore at Saddam for trying to kill his daddy, who by the way was smart enough not to send us into Iraq, 2012 we are still in one war, but are pulling out of it. This is not a coincidence, but a promise he has kept. Universal Healthcare, which is somehow a giant boogey man to people here. Why? Canada has it, the UK has it. Virtually every other civilized nation has a similar system in place. The subject of the piece implemented such a system as Governor of Mass.
Well he paid for it, why should he not have something he wants?
No but if you then hid that money, in Swiss bank accounts like Mitt, or in the Cayman Islands then yes you would be engaging in somewhat suspect practices. Like in 1995 when Bain shut down an Ampad (American pad and paper) plant and moved the jobs to China. See that is a real thing that actually happened. Sheriff Joe and Donald Trump don't need to send private investigators to Marion Indiana to check on it. Wonder why Fox didn't report on that?
I'm just a guy who loves this country and ask questions. I am not now nor have I ever been a member or associated with the communist party. The fact that I don't agree with you, your politics, or social agenda, does not make me a socialist. I am a father, a veteran, a self employed tax payer. I am an American, just like you. I like to visit this site, just as I sometimes listen to fox news, to see what it is you guys think and believe about things. Is that terribly odd?
Who did Jeff, the gay escort, Gannon work for? Was it CNN, no, MSNBC, no, oh yeah, it was conservative Talon news. Come on, the right went so far as to plant an operative in the press corp to lob softball questions to President Bush.
Con man, you must be referring the founder of the LDS church, the one Mitt belongs to.
Well, he got us out of Iraq, that was good for the military, course with the GOP habit of cutting veterans benefits, I know that doesn't count much for you guys.
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