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Or maybe they're just not racist homophopes who believe all sort of birther nonsense.
Sadly (well not really), 53 percent of America did not believe in him.
Actually what we voted for were Marriage Equality, a woman's right to chose, corporations not being people, billionaire brothers not buying elections, and even Universal healthcare. What we voted against was racism, homophobia,( the tea party) an American Christian Oligarchy, tax cuts for the rich and our children fighting an unnecessary war in Iran. I agree with you in that I believe we will get all the things we voted for and against.
Thank you sir, I am tickled pink.
No, but it does give him four more years as well as proving that Mitt and the Koch brothers can not buy the election. How does it feel to be the 47%? Can I draw you a map to Canada on the back of your Romney/Ryan yard sign? All I ask is that you take Trump with you.
Nothing better than when white people tell blacks what they need to do. This is like Anne Coulter cliff's notes.
Yes, in 2011 he donated to 39 different charities. We know this because he freely and voluntarily releases his tax records. Who wouldn't, oh right.
Where was Bush when Katrina hit? On the ranch of course. Then he went to AZ, then CA. Man he was right on top of that. So because Romney made a lot of money, he deserves to be the President? In that case why not Bill Gates or Donald Trump, they're both rich. When the hurricane hit, G.W. was on day 28 of a 29 day vacation. Seriously.
Oh, wow misspelling his name to make it sound more African. That is so subtle and clever of you. You are the smartest person in the whole trailer park.
Actually, according to the Daily Kos, one of the more conservative sites, the President's 2011 tax return shows donations to 39 different organizations, including the Red Cross. Red cause he's a secret commie I guess. Here is a link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/14/1083357/-President-Obama-s-Outrageous-Donation
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