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Pro-American Vs. Anti-American at the U.S. Box Office

Gordon79 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 2:01 AM
I sure wish your premise was the case but this seems a classic example of coming to a conclusion based on belief and then finding data to match up and "prove" it. The flaw here is that these are two completely different themes. Apples and oranges. Movies about the death of Osama vs. movies about typical nameless servicemen are not equal marketing propositions. Sorry, you have not removed competing variables. Conclusion: Inconclusive.

It's not often that we can measure something like pro or anti-American political bias in American movies, but we can today because of a unique experiment conducted by Hollywood!

The reason why is because of the uneven level of quality of most movies, which can make it extremely difficult to make direct comparisons of a characteristic like political bias between them using the measure of how well they do at the box office. For example, one movie in a given genre might have good acting, but suffers from bad writing or poor direction. Another movie might have only okay...