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Out of the Closet and Into Identity Politics

Gordon79 Wrote: May 03, 2013 12:19 AM
Discrimination!!!!! Against me, a hetero. A gay man can play basketball and take shower with other gay men. But no, he's not supposed to be attracted to them. But wait, nobody anywhere in the NBA would let me, if I were a player, take team showers with a woman, even if I did nothing. To me, this is the unstated and illogical piece of this. On the one hand, gays deserve the same opportunity as heteros. But in fact, they have MORE opportunities because they get to do what just about every hetero man would want to do: Take showers with the gender of your sexual orientation attraction. If gays and Jason defenders think its different, no way. He loves men. I love women. He can take showers with men. I can't take NBA showers with...