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Obama, heretofore merely incompetent, is now certifiably dangerous.
not a stumble. our president is a willful sleazebag.
A very very sad day. This in itself is wrong but practically speaking, it will make real (illegal) immigration reform impossible. What a narcissistic fool. My way or the highway. Even when i lose and election for those aligned with me. Even when I know the American people don't want it. It all makes Bush look like a saint; he presented the case and got approval for Iraq. This is what emperors and distators do. It maybe within his authority by some interpretation. But it is wrong.
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Sharpton Does Program Upside Down

Gordon79 Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 10:23 PM
Pathetic. Even my liberal Maddow-loving wife can't take it.
Wow. Just compare those two accomlished, well-known black men.
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The Tea Party Lives - In Europe

Gordon79 Wrote: May 29, 2014 12:37 PM
Rather funny, in a sad way, that the European system -- so admired and copied by Obama -- is under seige and appears to be reversing itself. Poor Barack, he'll either need to stick with his model and follow them or truly look the fool in bucking the trend amongst those countries he always says he won't act without. Obama: A Follower for Tomorrow. His animal party mascot should be a sheep, not a donkey. And yes, i did use this article which has nothing to do with Obama directly, as an opportunity to bash Obama. can never miss an opportunity to slam the guy who has swung this country to the unproductive, counterintuitive left.
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Twilight for Obama

Gordon79 Wrote: May 29, 2014 11:56 AM
Nicely done, Mr. Chapman. To those who were blind believers all the way along, I say thank God.
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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

Gordon79 Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 11:36 AM
big difference between should and did. truth is the white guilt vote was the swing factor, "hoping" we could finally "change" he political bias against blacks just for being black. a sort of compensation just like sports referees do when they've made a bad call. i know whites who voted for him -- wanted to vote for the yes volatile but far more experienced john mccain -- but didn't really want to, figuring it was time to break the barrier and hey, he sounds good. what's to lose? especially with the uncompelling but acceptable mccain as the alternative. many white people thought this way. my own wife did. even those of us voting for mccain wanted obama to succeed IF he did get elected (long shot for most of the campaign). who wouldn't, who really loved america and wanted the best outcome for every president. but no, those whites blew it and were the swing factor in bringing in an incompetent, inexperienced player. he simply didn't have the tools and sorry, the oval office is a poor choice for OJT. you should have the tools before you get there. hmmmm. the last opponent had the tools in spades. especially organizational experience. management experience. romney might have been unspectacular in the end but he would have approached the job the same way he did the olympics turnaround: analyze, look at options, vet the solutions and then go pellmell for the chosen solution until you win. wealth doesn't make a bad person; romney is a good and competent person who would have driven true conservatives nuts but would have been good for a country in dire straits. would-haves are cheap, true. but its hard to imagine a greater string of incompetencies than we have experienced from Obama. the white guilters, at least the legitimate ones, are will hoping that a last-minute change can be made. obama has set back black political hopes at least 10 years.
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The Heroes of 'Lone Survivor'

Gordon79 Wrote: Jan 18, 2014 2:24 PM
I suspect that the "hopelessness" that Jake Tapper -- not an enemy of conservatives -- referred to was the same feeling I had: That the general civil situation in Afghanistan, neighbors fighting neighbors, people afraid for their lives if they help a wounded man, brutal behadings instead of justice, the list goes on. And has been going on for centuries and, after we're gone, will continue probably for centuries. The society is not changing; Taliban is as strong as ever. THAT is the hopelessness and as much as I agree with the Patton observations, how good it would feel to believe that the deaths of such valiant men would actually make a difference. Alas, I fear they won't.
American citizens and voters: Just like Obama, you too have a pen and a phone. Write/email/FAX, and call, the White House, your congresspeople, your local paper, any influential person you can think of to express your contempt and remind our leaders of their duties and the limits of their powers.
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