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Obama: It's All Boehner's Fault

Gordon79 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 6:05 PM
p.s. "Its not that tough." Oh, yes it is, if it requires real action, negotiating skills, empathy, competence. Its not tough if your mind were on getting an agreement, wherever, and not all this public posturing. Get back to your office, get on the phone, call some meetings, keep going until it gets done! You are such a colossal frustration. I saw a bunch of you guys in my longish corporate career: Neophytes who did one good, admirable thing and then got promoted to their level of incompetence but couldn't recognize it and just wouldn't take a step back to see how to get the job done. No, have to have your ego, your "win", out there. What a fool. All those other guys either learned or got canned. You? You got rehired. Pathetic.