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GOP House Releases Video: The Real Story of the Obama Economy

Gordon242 Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 4:11 PM
If you're on Medicare or approaching 65, remember Obama has removed $ 500 Billion Dollars from Medicare to put into ObamaCare. To stop this you must vote for Romney who will repeal ObamaCare. . If you're under 30 and in reasonably good health, you'll only need low cost catastrophic health insurance but you'll be forced to pay into ObamaCare more than any private insurance company would charge, to subsidize those not in good health. To stop this you must vote Obama out of office. . If you're middle aged with your employer's health insurance , 85% of you are satisfied with your coverage, but you'll soon be forced into ObamaCare to pay a higher cost with inferior coverage for the dissatisfied 15%. To stop this you must vote for Romney

President Obama owns this economy, and he clearly lives in a different reality if he thinks, in his own words, “the private sector is doing fine.” The House GOP has just released a new video detailing the real story of the Obama economy (see below).  For a different point of view on the economy, you can check out the House’s GOP solutions. If only Senate Democrats would stop delaying, and join the GOP’s representatives and senators.

“Senate Democrats are working overtime to find excuses to delay and water down the bipartisan JOBS bill,” a senior Republican aide