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Crony Capitalism Alert: Ex-Im Bank Props Up Failing Solar Company with Big Loans

Gordon242 Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 10:46 PM
OBAMACARE IS A NEGATIVE FOR THOSE OVER 60, UNDER 30, and the WORKING MIDDLE-AGED. . If you're on Medicare or approaching 65, remember Obama has removed $ 500 Billion Dollars from Medicare to put into ObamaCare. . If you're under 30 and in reasonably good health, you only need low cost catastrophic health insurance but you'll be forced to pay into ObamaCare more than any private insurance company would charge, to subsidize those not in good health. . If you're middle aged with your employer's health insurance , 85% of you are satisfied with your coverage, but you'll soon be forced into ObamaCare to pay a higher cost with inferior coverage for the dissatisfied 15%. To reverse all this you must elect Romney and 51 Republican Senators
First Solar is the recent beneficiary of guaranteed loans from the Export-Import Bank. The Export-Import Bank is a government corporation that operates within the Executive Branch, with the mission of financing the foreign purchase of domestic goods. The unaccountable bank has rightly been labeled as corporate welfare by House conservatives, but was reauthorized by the Republican majority a few months back. The bank’s recent loan guarantee to support First Solar calls into question the wisdom of that reauthorization. First Solar, as pointed out by Ashe Schow at Heritage Action , is the last company a government...