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Kurt - I agree with your analysis. I have been saying for several decades that there are three things that all liberals do all of the time: 1) They lie, 2) They cheat, and 3) They steal. There may, of course, be more things, but these seem to be the most ubiquitous.
There are three things to keep in mind about ALL liberals - they ALWAYS 1) Lie, they 2) Cheat and they 3) Steal Therefore, regarding Obamacare, what else is new???
I have been watching feminism for about 40 years, and I have come to two conclusions: 1) "Feminist" women almost all look much like the South end of a horse going North. 2) Most of what they espouse is reminiscent of the primary product of that South end of that horse. The women of this group seem to be the direct opposite of this, in that they are quite good-looking and they are articulating the things that made this nation great (and will bring us back, if we listen and follow).
In the movie, "Forrest Gump," there was a phrase, "Stupid is as stupid does." the entire Obamacare fiasco, from beginning to end, is a shining example of the truth of this seemingly simplistic phrase. The idea of a 2700 page bill that no one has read - "We have to pass it to find out what is in it," - plus 20,000-30,000 pages of regulations (which are being added to as fast as possible), - so that everyone will always be breaking at least one of them - is not just stupid, it is completely insane. If our nation permits this insanity to continue to enslave it, we (the people) deserve what we will get - complete slavery, like most of the people of the world. America has been the beacon of freedom and personal liberty for the downtrodden people of the rest of the world for much of the past 4-500 years (beginning in the late 1600s), but, if we allow Obamacare to stand, this beacon will be extinguished, probably forever.
Surprising? This is San Francisco, after all, "The City That Forgot How To Do Anything." I spent 36 years in the Bay Area (1966-2002), watching it transform itself from a place with a lot of class to one that catered to the lowest dregs of humanity. One needs to always remember that all choices have consequences, although most of these may seem unpleasant and/or undesirable - at least at the time. This case is an inevitable consequence of a choice made sometime back, and was "unintended," although completely foreseeable (if one would have chosen to use their brain for thinking).
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