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Legal Immigrant Speaks Against Gun Control: Shootings a Result of Decay

Gordon110 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:51 PM
How about controlling our borders where ILLEGAL immigrants enter every day? How about controlling government regulators that tells us we can't burn coal, drive cars that don't run by California emissions standards, graze cattle on endangered species land? How about controlling the FED who print money like there is no tomorrow and are systematically devaluing the dollar? How about controlling a completely dysfunctional Congress who spend taxpayer money like a whale in Vegas? How about controlling a president with delusions of grandeur who believes he is a Caesar who can issue edicts on a whim?

During a recent public hearing in Hartford, Connecticut about gun violence, the same hearing where the Sandy Hook father explained why his daughter is safer at home where he can protect her with firearms than at school, legal immigrant Henson Ong argued against gun control legislation being proposed in the state. Ong cited American history, the Los Angeles riots of the 1990s and tyranny overseas as examples as to why the Second Amendment is needed. He also pointed out that the United States has a long history of gun ownership ranging from high school rifle teams to hunting, yet...